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Privacy Policy

Gakugei Inc., hereinafter referred to as “our company”, determines the privacy policies in order to control and protect personal information and put forth efforts to implement and maintain them.

1. In reference to obtaining, using, and supplying personal information
Referring to obtaining, using and releasing private information, we define the range of use beforehand, collect it limitedly in order to achieve certain goals, and then implement them.
  • a) We will never release personal information to other companies
  • b) There will be no advertisements contained in our applications
  • c) There are no hidden charges contained within our applications
2. In reference to compliance with national regulations
Our company shall comply with regulations regarding privacy protection and the handling of private information. Moreover, we shall implement JISQ15001:2006 (requirements for personal information protection management system) internally and manage it thoroughly.
Strict compliance to the U.S.’s Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (OPPA) will be carefully observed to help assist with the collection of information and control.
3. The continuous improvement of the personal information protection management system
We will continuously improve the personal information protection management system that is established in accordance with this policy by taking in consideration social situations and the latest technology. For that reason, we may revise the privacy policy.
4. Contact Us
If you have questions regarding this private policy, please contact us at the email below.
Mail: info_app@gakugei.co.jp

Established: October 04, 2013